Essential Readings:

General Operating Manual
If you want to know how to behave in our
airline, read this document.

Flight Operation Manual
Detailed description of a typical dESPair flight
operation. From Preflight to Debriefing.

Cooperative Flight Operation Manual
Detailed description of a classic cooperative
flight operation in dESPair.

Training / Lessons / Tutorials
This is our learning and skill refinement section.

Trip cost & earnings:

DOC calculation

Fuel consumption & pricing

PAX & Cargo faires

Overview and Example

Maps & planning helpers:

Maps (online & company maps)

Weight (various cargo items)

Conversion tables

Fleet Documents:

Fleet list

Fleet stories

Fleet POHs


Various Documents:

General aviation info

Approach plates in detail

Landing minimums

Radar minimums

Morse code table

Navaid services volumes

Pilot glossary

Runway lightings explained